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Combining Travel Funds

Explorer C

I have travel funds for four people expiring in 24 days... $129 per person, $516 total.  I read on some of these forums that you can book a dummy ticket and cancel it to combine the funds into one, then ask for a LUV Voucher refund after the expiration date.  The reason to combine them here, obviously, is because the LUV Voucher costs $100 per travel fund.  I'd only have $29 ($116 total) per ticket remaining, but if I can combine them, I'd have $416 total remaining.  Problem is, I don't know how to book this "dummy" flight.  How can I combine them if the travel funds can only be used for the person their under?  Wouldn't I still have to buy four individual tickets and cancel four individual tickets, ending up with the same result?  Could someone tell me the secret, please?


Re: Combining Travel Funds

Aviator A

You cannot combine travel funds associated with different people.  The combining of travels funds you are referring to is only possible when a single person has multiple travel funds.  In your situation it really is use it within 24 days or lose it.