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Companion Pass

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I just was awarded my first ever companion pass and I am thrilled- except that the rules are it has to be used by February 2021! Are you kidding me? There is a pandemic that is raging through this country and it’s only getting worse. How could Southwest put such a stupid restriction on this award???? Where is there compassion and empathy? We can’t travel. We can’t put ourselves at risk just to use a free flight. They really should extend these type of things. Am I being unreasonable? 


Re: Companion Pass

Aviator A

Sounds like you earned the companion pass through the promotion where you were to register then book 1 flight in September (22nd-25th) and travel by November 15th and in turn you get the promotional companion pass which is valid January 6th-February 28th. Southwest is giving people who qualified BOGO flights and yet people are still unhappy? Southwest is just trying to get some business during a time of year where travel slows down a bit even before the virus example January 2019 after Christmas and before spring break there were times flights were not as full. Now look at January 2021 with a pandemic flights could be going out with 10-30 people so this is probably why they did this promotion to help build business. 


If you truly earned the companion pass by flying 100 flights or the 125K points in 2020 you should have the remainder of this year and until the end of next year to use the pass. 


Honestly though if an airline gives me or you something free (companion pass, A List status, points) we shouldn't be complaining. 


Your welcome to share your feedback with Southwest directly though Contact Customer Relations 


Hopefully you get a chance to get away one weekend and enjoy the companion pass



Re: Companion Pass

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@gretch0628 wrote:

. Am I being unreasonable? 

lol, yes.


As @bec102896 mentioned, you earned two months of CP for purchasing a flight earlier this year.  When it was announced it was seen as a generous offer, free companion travel for taking just one flight.  Sounds like this was a surprise to you so instead of being pleasantly surprised you complain that it's not enough.  I guess Southwest should not have even offered the promotion?  Would that have been better?



Re: Companion Pass

Frequent Flyer C

I don't get you.


You're here ranting and raving about flying during the pandemic, yet you obviously flew during pandemic, because otherwise you wouldn't have earned the Companion Pass.


I have the "Kettle" holding on line 1 for you, it's asking for its "Black" back.

Re: Companion Pass

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I don't think CS can extend the pass for you but giving them a call might get you some extra points to then use for a flight. Just a thought. 

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Re: Companion Pass

Aviator C

This must be a joke...

Re: Companion Pass

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@gretch0628 Am I being unreasonable?   In a word, YES!  I work all year, mostly into Nov and Dec before the points for my companion finally reach the jackpot.   And we are taking many flights, not the other promotions.  You get on one flight and you have that luxury for months?  I will admit, it's not during the best of times, but it's there.  So I can attest you won't get much tread on this one even from the skeptical SWA travelers.