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Companion Pass

Explorer C

I have companion pass and have a round trip flight booked in December with my friend Tiffany who is listed as my companion.  

End of this month I am flying to Vegas.  My friend Sam if flying out there to meet me later in the week.  If I change my companion pass to her name, will it change my December booking?  Could I just switch it back after this trip and can I even add her to just return flight on a round trip ticket?  


Hopefully that made sense.  Thank you.  




Re: Companion Pass

Aviator A

Your companion must be listed on the pass as your  companion at the time of the flight. If you change before then, your companion's ticket will be cancelled.


There is nothing to prevent you from changing your companion the second your trip with the first companion is completed.


Be aware that there is a limit to the number of times you may change your designated companion.