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Explorer C

I am concerned. I have two trips coming up. I just discovered this forum, and it seems inundated with people who do not believe in the importance of the vaccine to get out of the mess we are in. I am assuming these people will be sitting next to me on the plane. And I can tell you that I do not like that. These may also be the people that pretend to comply and wear their mask keeping their nose fully exposed. Which really pisses me off. 

Southwest, please do something. I truly hope that despite you not requiring your employees to be vaccinated, that they chose and are choosing the vaccine every day. Also, please consider requiring testing for your passengers. 


Re: Concerned

Aviator A

At this time there is no vaccine mandate for employees. With testing for passengers no airline requires all passengers be tested unless the destination requires it (return from international destinations as an example) 


Your welcome to share your thoughts with southwest though one of these contact methods though Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Concerned

Aviator C

You want SWA employees to get vaccinated every day? 


Wow.   That's the best Covid fearmongering I've seen all week. 


And testing for the passengers?   You must own stock in Emed or something.  Nothing like adding $30-150 to a $39 fare to kill the industry.   


But wait... are you saying vaccinated passengers need to be tested too?


Based on your disjointed syntax, it appears you haven't thought this out very much. You're just reacting with emotion.   


Please choose another airline.   I don't want to be seated next to you either.   I might catch something worse than Covid. 

Re: Concerned


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