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Confirmation Email Shows Connecting Airport as Destination

Explorer C

Hello All. 


I just booked a one-way flight from MIA-BHM. The only feasible option for my schedule was a very long connection in HOU (nearly 6 hours). 


When I received the confirmation email, the subject line was “You’re going to Houston”. The rest of the email indicated Houston as the destination as well. Then in the flights section, it lists “Flight 1” (to Houston) and “Flight 2” (to Birmingham) separately. Normally there is no “Flight 1” / “Flight 2”, but rather a “Stop: Change Planes” graphic between the two flights.


My question/concern is: “Does the system see these flights as unlinked because the connection time is so long? Does that mean that luggage won’t be able to be checked through to BHM when we check in at MIA and we’ll have to claim/recheck luggage in HOU?


I’ve posted a redacted screenshot of the email as well as a comparison of what I normally see.


Thanks all.




Re: Confirmation Email Shows Connecting Airport as Destination

Aviator A

Is the confirmation number the same on both emails?  If so it is one flight.  If not, it's two.  The flight is bookable as one reservation, the long layover is not a factor.  If luggage is your concern, having a single confirmation number means everything is fine the way it is.  If there are two different confirmation numbers then you can go to the full service check-in counter when you check-in and request your bags be checked through to your final destination.  I do not suspect this is the case, but you blocked out the confirmation number which is the only way to actually determine that.



Re: Confirmation Email Shows Connecting Airport as Destination

Aviator A

Because your layover is more than 4 hours you might have to recheck the bag. Pre covid southwest didn't sell layovers over 4 hours and one time I booked a long layover and was told they wont check it all the way but now that they are selling these long layovers I feel they should be able to check the bag all the way although you might need to visit the full service counter to check in if the kiosk won't work. 


When the layover is longer than 4 hours the system treats it like 2 one ways (even though it acts like a connection when booking) that's why in the email it shows flight 1 and flight 2. On the app or website it might show up with departing and departing but listed like 2 flights but not to worry you should be fine all the way to your final destination. 


The one thing I'd be curious to find out is since the layover is so long and it shows up like 2 flights (as if it wasn't a connection) will it still check you in for both flights at once or will you have to check in twice.