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Confused on pricing

New Arrival

I'm trying to book a flight from St Louis to Salt Lake City for July.  When I go to the Low Fare calendar it shows departure 103.00 and arrival 130.00 and then tickets are over 500.00.  I'm confused... why aren't they showing the fares that I click on?




Re: Confused on pricing

Rising Star

There are a couple reasons you may not see the price listed on the low fare calendar 


1. If you search 1 person on the low fare calendar you may see a different price than say an 4 person search. I'm not sure how many your trying to book for but that could be the reason the price jumps up. 


2. Prices are subject to change until ticketed. Maybe the price went up on a flight and that lower fare is no longer available and maybe the low fare calendar takes a little bit to reflect the price change .


If you haven't booked yet I would try to search again now and see if the calendar is updated with the current lowest fares. 




Re: Confused on pricing

Active Member

Typically when they show the lowest fare on the calendar view there is only one flight (or two) with that low price - the rest are higher 🙂 Not every flight is going to be that 'low fare'!