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Constant automatic changes to flights

Explorer C

6 people and 15 flights between us. ALL have been changed and they were changed to flights with extended fly times and multiple stops. They were all originally non stop flights. After being left on hold 3 of the times (some were able to be changed online in the app) I was able to change flights. I had to make a bunch of other arrangements, have family change scheduled days off, change hotel accommodations and car rentals causing upwards of $250 per change. After doing all of this, I start getting emails AGAIN stating they were changed! Now my 12 year old daughters flight was changed from a non stop to a flight with a stop and plane change, extended flight time (went from 4.5 hrs to 8.55 hrs) with arrival almost midnight! I can’t get through to anyone. The chat feature says there’s no one to talk with and hold times are hours long. I’ve already called and waited hours with the first changes. Customers are most definitely not a priority. Oh.. and I got an email from southwests marketing saying Non stop flights now $50 for some destinations! HAHAHAHAHA.. they can’t honor existing flights but can accommodate new customers for new flights?! SMH 


Re: Constant automatic changes to flights

Aviator A

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Re: Constant automatic changes to flights

Aviator A

Welcome to 2021! I am assuming you missed all the flight chaos of the past year due to the worldwide pandemic. It's been an ongoing thing for over a year now. I've had more flight changes than I can count due to fluctuating demand.