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Constant error messages when changing flights

New Arrival

Just about every time I try to change a flight of an existing reservation, I receive an error message, and I have to call to change. Usually something like this, with a long error code string attached:

Sorry, we found some errors...We are unable to price the flight you selected. Please select a different flight or contact a Southwest Representative at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) for assistance.

This happens on any flight I select that is listed as available

. I've tried changing my flight on:

- Different web browsers

- Logged in and not logged in

- Mobile app

- Trying different flights other than the one I'd like


Sometimes, if I try enough times and refresh, it works. This is the case on pretty much every reservation I've had with Southwest, not just recently or on one particular reservation.

Has anyone else had this issue repeatedly? Is it a problem with my account?


Re: Constant error messages when changing flights

Top Contributor

Are yo trying to change either the arrival or departure airports? That happens to me when I try to change those.


Also, you could try the cell app chat function. I've found that works much better than the phone.

Re: Constant error messages when changing flights

Top Contributor

Unless you have Earlybird attached to the reservation you can just cancel it and rebook the flight you want using the travel fund that will be created when you cancel.  That would save you the hassle of talking to someone.





Re: Constant error messages when changing flights

Top Contributor

Are any of your reservations point to point also known as multi city (A-B-C instead of A-B-A)? If so I have seen the pricing error when certain fare classes can't be combined 


Also be sure if you are changing the date that your funds are still valid since funds expire a year from when you booked or the earliest expiration date of any travel funds applied (whichever date is sooner) 



Re: Constant error messages when changing flights

Rising Star

I wouldn't say I have had this issue "repeatedly", but I have had sporadic issues when I try to change flights and I cannot do it on my own and I have to contact Southwest to have them resolve the issue.