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Contact Customer Relations

Explorer C

Please help you can I have done it all. I messaged on twitter, emailed, spoke to several reps. I need help I have been holding for over 3 hours to speak to customer relations. I am trying to get ahold of "headquarters"  as they are the only one who can review a call where we called to cancel a reservation. However it was never done and now it shows as a no show. We are trying to make it to see family who has been deployed and need the funds to go. Praying someone sees this message and can help.


Re: Contact Customer Relations

Aviator A

This is a customer to customer forum so no one here can resolve the issue for you.  My suggestion would be to put everything in writing and mail a letter using the contact information at Contact Customer Relations 

Even if you speak to someone on the phone you are not going to get an immediate answer if something needs to be reviewed so save yourself the hassle and just write all the details down and mail it.



Re: Contact Customer Relations

Aviator A

Yes, customer relations is headquarters. With all of the recent cancellations and rebooking it seems to be packed.


Have you tried facebook:  Facebook: @SouthwestAir


Also, let's be sure you have the correct number:855-234-4654


I do agree with themiddleseat that the best way to go for a complicated issue that will require investigation is e-mail or snail mail