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Covid Flight Refund

Explorer C

I booked a flight on 10/31/20 to Las Vegas on 1/20/21 and it was cancelled with trip protection due to 2 of the 4 of us having Covid.  How long do I have to use the flight credit?  It says until 10/31/20, but that doesn't seem right, it should be a year from the flight date and not the purchase date.   Can someone answer this for me?




Re: Covid Flight Refund

Aviator A

Travel funds are good for one year -- from the date of purchase

Re: Covid Flight Refund

Aviator A

When you say "trip protection", are you saying you had travel insurance?  If so, then you would want to discuss your refund options with the insurance provider.  Southwest does not sell "trip protection" so there's something odd going on here.