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Explorer C

In March of 2022 I called SW and spoke to a very lovely agent named Alba.  She explained to me that I have a credit of $418.20 x 5 people in my party and she would be able to extend it to June 12, 2022 but would have to take $100 off each ticket.  So effectively I would have a credit to use by calling to speak with a service coordinator before June 10, 2022 and use a credit for my family of 5 for $318.20 per person.  I was concerned about calling back and nobody would know the details of the conversation but Alba assured me that she took great notes and that everyone who reads the notes will know what's going on with confirmation #3NQBND.  Unfortunately, I called SW and spoke to customer service rep, Aida today who said she has no record of the credit or the conversation.  She said that she has been working for SW for eight years and there's no place to leave notes.  I promised her that I wasn't making this up since I have good notes on the conversation.  Alba also helped me book more flights during the same conversation so maybe someone could look up the transcript of the conversation.  
Obviously, it's important to know what your agents are telling your clients and it's important that your clients trust where their money is going.  I'm completely disheartened by this whole experience.  We had to change our original flight to Hawaii due to the worries of Covid and then we had to change our scheduled flight a year later because we had Covid.  We were depressed enough that our extended family got to go and we didn't and now I'm finding out that, due to no fault of ours, that our credit of  $1590 has gone missing.  We are Southwest credit card holders and when we fly, we usually fly Southwest (unless we're going to Europe). This is a huge mistake on Southwest's part.
When I spoke to Aida today and insisted on talking to a service coordinator as a last ditch effortand then waited. Ten minutes later Aida got back on the phone and said that there's a new rule that anyone who calls from June 1-Dec 31 2022 will get their expired flight credits re-credited without the $100 per ticket service fee.  It will come in a LUV Voucher of $418.60 per person.  It will arrive between 7-10 days to my email that can be used for 6 months from 6.9.22. if booked and flown before 12.9.22.  Aida (employed for 8 years at SW) wouldn't give me her employee ID number or last name but promised she sent all the  info to the corporate office via an internal email 6.9.22.  She also insisted that there's no receipt of the internal email. Due to what I've experienced prior, I'm incredibly dubious that Aida was telling me the truth. Can you please concur? also, According to my original conversation with Alba today is the last day I have to even book tickets using the credit. Help!


Re: Credit

Aviator A

Stop calling!  Put these requests in writing by sending a message to Southwest.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.  Then you have a paper trail for everything.  The information you were told today does sound accurate, but again, you should be putting these requests in messages, not phone calls.


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Re: Credit

Explorer C

Thank you! I have emailed them but very concerned about the timing. They won’t respond to my email for 7-10 days, I supposedly won’t receive my voucher for 7-10 days and my flight credit (that they can’t find) expires today. Ugh. $1600 is a lot of money!