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Customer Service Email is Full - anyone else?

Explorer C

I have spent over 9 hours on the phone with Southwest vacations (have the phone records to prove it) and after 5 weeks (yes 5 weeks of calls, changes by SWV, etc.) i wanted to report theP litany of issues i experienced.  So, i was told to send a message to 


"Our mailbox is full so you email could not be delivered"...... I wonder if this is something the new CEO would be interested in?....has anyone else had similar experiences as of late?


Ive been a frequent flyer for 32 years on SW and never experienced such a thing.




Re: Customer Service Email is Full - anyone else?

Aviator A

As mentioned in a reply to another one of your complaints, Southwest Vacations is not related to, owned by, or operated by Southwest Airlines.  They are actually part of the Apple Leisure Group.  The only contact info I am aware of is How do I contact Southwest Vacations®? 



Re: Customer Service Email is Full - anyone else?

Frequent Flyer A

@get1rink If you want to contact a CEO, I'd suggest the CEO of Hyatt as Hyatt now owns Apple Leisure Group.

Re: Customer Service Email is Full - anyone else?

Aviator A

Southwest Vacations is a 3rd party service that Southwest uses for combined airline and hotel reservations. I don't think it's fair to say that Southwest has "no involvement" with SV considering SV is predominantly featured right on along with other 3rd party services that Southwest also utilizes like for hotel bookings or Avis, Hertz etc for car rentals. With that said, since it is 3rd party you are not communicating with actual Southwest representatives when you have issues with a SV reservation. Here is their "about"  page which explains more about who they are: and their "Support" link at the top has options for not only e-mail but also a "chat with an agent" feature. Have you tried that? 


All of that aside, you have not explained your issue. What was your issue with the booking or a cancellation? I bet dollars to donuts it has to do with travel credit, refunds, or something similar, but without more detail it's impossible to know.