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Customer service

Explorer C

Is anyone working at SWA? I keep calling with no help. Awful customer service


Re: Customer service

Explorer B

I waited on hold the first time yesterday for 4 hours and they disconnected. This morning I got up at 3am and called, they said the approx. wait time was 120 minutes, 3 1/2 hours later, got disconnected again. I have emailed, direct messaged several times on Twitter and FB. I am beginning to feel like a stalker. I am stuck in Tampa, running out of my epilepsy meds and my husband has to be back to work tomorrow. We got rebooked on a flight that was supposed to leave this morning, only to have it cancelled as we left the airport.

We asked about a hotel voucher, told that SWA didn't do that, only to be loaded on an airport shuttle with 5 other people that had vouchers from SWA. WTF? So, now I have paid to get tickets on another airline, my original tickets on SWA, 2 nights in a hotel and still no response from SWA? Plus, this is all supposed to be ATC and weather? Since when does weather or ATC affect airports from Cincinnati to Maine, and from Tampa to San Francisco? At least be honest. People can see weather reports and everyone is posting them from every airport across the nation, and why are flights cancelled today and tomorrow? Sneaky, sneaky and Shame!

Re: Customer service

Explorer C

I feel your pain. I am convinced that the entire SW customer service department has gone on vacation. I waited on hold 8 hours last night and was then disconnected. Argh! I had already been disconnected after several hours-long waits on hold earlier in the day. And online or the app will not work - both want to charge me for my rebooking, which should be free according to THEIR email to me because they cancelled my flight weeks in advance. SW has really changed. I wish I did not have so many loyalty points with them.

Re: Customer service

Aviator A

HANG UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With all the bad weather related flight problems thousands of people are calling -- just like you. The systems get overwhelmed.


Use one of the methods listed in "contact us" below or the cell app chat function instead.

Re: Customer service

Frequent Flyer A

No airline will provide a hotel voucher if the cancelation is weather related. That isn't just Southwest. I always book travel with a Chase Sapphire Reserve card. If a flight is canceled due to weather, Chase will cover the hotel (food, taxi, etc).