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Deboarding by row?

Aviator C

Hadn't gotten wind of this yet...


Is this now a thing?  I noticed they do it in Mexico and it seems rather effective.  Except for the gringos who don't understand and rush forward.

Of course, the fastest way would be "Don't block the aisle and wait until you have a gap if you need time to collect your gear". But that takes comment sense and common courtesy which unfortunately is uncommon.


Re: Deboarding by row?

Aviator A

While it won't ever be enforced or even commonly suggested, it would be nice. Nothing like people trying to pull out bags from the overhead when there's no room for them in the crowd so they end up banging those of us that remain seated. 


I think it's pretty ridiculous that the article tries to justify jumping up with the idea that it will save soooo much time for everyone. 



Re: Deboarding by row?

Aviator A

During Max Covid times it seemed to work a bit. To get 6 foot spacing at least some people would wait for a space to open up before standing up to deplane.


Now it's as bad as it ever was. I still stay seated until people a few rows in front of me start to stir. It irritates the hell out me when people seated behind me decide to get up and get in front of me - as if the ten seconds they gain makes any difference.


 I've been on planes with pax who have tight connections and the FA got on the speaker and told everyone that and asked people to stay seated so that those  with tight connections could get off first. It made almost no difference.


So I doubt that requests to wait a bit to deplane would  make much of a difference.


People have learned to "charge" at the sound of the ding, and I doubt that will change.

Re: Deboarding by row?

Aviator C

It is funny to see how much anxiety people put themselves through.  Rushing to the baggage claim only to wait another 10 minutes for the bags to even ARRIVE to start their ride on the deck.


I usually sit up front so I have been the first person off the plan in about 80% of my flights.  But, looking behind me, I see so many people struggling.