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Delayed Travel Voucher Conversion

New Arrival

I requested back on June 8 for some travel credits to be converted to LUV vouchers (per the current rule to waive the normal $100 fee). It’s been over 45 days, and I’ve yet to receive the vouchers. I’ve heard from agents that there are several requests in queue and that it’s a manual process to convert them.


This message really is for SW leadership:


While I think most customers are appreciative of the current exception, I think we can all agree that this whole effort has been poorly managed. It’s like if Amazon had a huge sale but no one was able to access their site. It kind of defeats the purpose.


You have many loyal customers that ONLY fly SW. They deserve better.


At this point, many of us are at a standstill in that we can’t book trips until our vouchers have come in. Hate to say it, but you guys really dropped the ball here (for something that supposedly started out as a 7-10 biz day turnaround to now become 45 biz days). 


Re: Delayed Travel Voucher Conversion

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If you want to send a message to Southwest you will want to use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.


It's rough to consider Southwest is dropping the ball when they could just do away with the whole extension/conversion process all together as it is an unwritten policy.  I get that your frustrated, but to grill Southwest over something they do to try to be nice is a bit harsh.



Re: Delayed Travel Voucher Conversion

New Arrival

Not trying to be harsh towards them, and I very much do appreciate the exception they’ve granted. But this is just basic proper planning. At the end of the day, this is a customer / company relationship. I just would expect that said company would have planned better for this. I could understand if this was a fledgling startup, but it’s quite the opposite. 

At this point, I would just kindly ask that leadership own their mistake and take corrective action for the future.

Re: Delayed Travel Voucher Conversion

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Starting today Southwest credits no longer expire, so if you have travel funds / credits that are set to expire soon my advice is to use them to book any flight and then cancel them. Your travel credits will have no expiration date. 




Apparently any unexpired funds will also have no expiration. I swear the site did not say that earlier today!! But that makes life easier!