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Deposit & Balance Due?

Explorer C



My family has a tripped booked to Cancun for 06/07/2020.  I placed a deposit down, & the SW agent told me that the remaining balance would be due on 4/23/20.  The itinerary I was emailed also shows 4/23.  I created a SW vacations account today, & when I scroll to the bottom where you can enter payment info, it says remaining balance is due 4/4/20.  Which date is correct?  What happens if I don't pay my balance by the due date?  I know this trip isn't happening, but I'll wait til the end to cancel since I purchased insurance.  Hopefully they extend the flight credit because I have kids & it'll be difficult to use it by Jan 2021 since that's when I booked.  Thank you.


Re: Deposit & Balance Due?

Aviator A

You need to contact the Southwest Vacations team, it is run by an independent travel company.  They have an arrangement with the airline to use the name, sell flights, etc. but it is a completely different company.

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