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Desktop vs Mobile App

New Arrival

From some of the forums I've read, it appears that it is best to use the mobile app to book, change, cancel flights. However, I noticed on the desktop version, my account shows that I can register for the A-list Status promotion but that same promotion is not listed on my account in the app. So what is the advantage of using one over the other?


Re: Desktop vs Mobile App

Top Contributor

You can register for the A List promotion on the website and still book on the app 


With the app vs website I like parts of each 


With the website i like that I can see points history vs on the app I can't


On the app I find it easy to book and change flights and with the app it makes boarding a plane much easier (mobile boarding passes don't exist on the website) 



Re: Desktop vs Mobile App

Active Member

The web app has better accessibility to the low fare finder and can find sale fares and nonstop routes better.   


Plus it's required for booking underage travelers. 


Other than that,  I like the app better. 

Re: Desktop vs Mobile App

Rising Star

As with most things there are pros and cons to using an app vs the full desktop site. The full site tends to have more complex functionality, advanced features, etc., that are more difficult to put into an app or mobile version of the site. I tend to use the desktop site more often just so I have access to "everything". 



Re: Desktop vs Mobile App

New Arrival

Thank you everyone for your insight. I will continue using the desktop version. I am not planning to travel any where any time soon so I would be registering for the A-list promo just because it was offered; however, I would be wasting the opportunity.