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Disappointed & Frustrated Loyal SWA Traveler because of Customer Rep inadequate Representation

New Arrival

Had made booking using travel funds:

1) worth $20.00 which expired on Sept 2, 2021,

2) worth $29.00 which expired on July 5, 2022

3) worth $49.98 which expired on July 11, 2022

Unfortunately I had to cancel this reservation worth $98.98 but was shocked that instead of funds reverting back to their original reservation code with original expiry date, new travel fund worth $98.98 had expiry date of Sept. 2 2021.

We spend so much time on hold and in talking to your reps but neither they tell us nor your website and App clearly mention before using more than one travel funds and cancellation what are the repercussions. It is so much frustrating and waste of time. Please compensate for waste of time and frustration besides making whole amount $98.98 available till July 11, 2022.


We have been loyal long term traveler who use exclusively Southwest for our domestic travel and have been using Rapid Reward Card for last 22 years at least.


You need to revert back Travel Funds to September 11 2022 and compensate for inconvenience.  We all are suffering because of Covid-19 but let us build faith in each other which is the foundation for better economy and better health of all of us.


Re: Disappointed & Frustrated Loyal SWA Traveler because of Customer Rep inadequate Representati

Top Contributor

Certainly, as a long loyal traveler who has been using Southwest exclusively for 22 years you are aware that this is how ticketless travel funds work. When applied to a new booking, that booking takes on the earliest expiration of any funds applied.


If you somehow weren't aware, then certainly you must have seen the message on the website or in the app as you applied the funds that stated this clearly. (see below)


Lastly, as this is primarily a customer-to-customer forum, you'll not receive a reply here -- you'll want to reach out to Southwest directly. (Although I strongly doubt they'll make a policy exception for you.)