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Disgusted with Southwest

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Trying to talk to a live person in the covid age is a joke. It took over a hour to talk to a person this morning, and a recall I have been trying for a hour with no success. Here is my complaint. My wife and I have had to cancel a couple of flights because of government mandated changes. I was told that I would have to use this credit with in a year (which would be by June of 2021) I went onto Southwest web site and went to use my credit and made reservations for a flight when I put in all the information it showed a credit of $200.00. I thought this was what was left of my over $300.00 that I began with. I paid what I thought was $200.00 credit of a $223.00 flight. I paid $23.00 and thought it was a done deal. Today I seen my credit card was charged the full amount. When a finally was able to get in touch with a person from Southwest ,he told me there was nothing that could be done. Here are a few questions. (1) I did use the credit by the allotted time. the flight did not leave in the allotted time, that should not be a issue. I used the credit by the allotted time. (2) When I assumed the $200.00 was a credit from my unused fare that was on me, but I think it was deceiving. I filled in all information including my current credit card information and I was deceived into thinking my charge was only $20 some odd dollars. When i asked the Southwest person to reverse it and to use my actual credit I was told it could not happen because the flight was past the use date.? (3) I thought Southwest was doing the very best to help its customers during the covid times. We are still in them and just recently have started to make any direction towards normalcy. (4) So even if I were able t have to use these tickets by June 2021 we are still in a pandemic crisis and within the past Month my wife and I have completed our vaccinations. Because of our age qualifications. (5) My contentions are that this money should be credited to our August flight, because of all of the above, and just now we are starting to see movement to the end of this pandemic. After a second attempt to get in touch with Southwest still no response, by email, or phone. What a way to run a business.(VERY PROFESSIONAL SOUTHWEST) If you in good faith are not willing to work with your customers. I did not receive the service and I would like my money back.


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did you pick "apply travel funds" as a method of  payment and then type in the passenger name and confirmation number - and then click on  apply travel funds?  


If not, that would explain why the travel fund was not applied.

Re: Disgusted with Southwest

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I'm having a hard time understanding what you are trying to ask, but from what I can see you believed you applied a travel fund to a purchase, but were charged the full amount on your credit card.  I too have had this occur because the step to actually apply the travel fund is another click after inputting the information.  I would guess that's what happened here.  If you had noticed the goof within 24 hours you could have cancelled your reservation, received a refund, then rebooked using the travel fund.  Yes, travel funds expire one year after the original purchase and travel must be completed before expiration.


You can verify if your travel fund is still valid and see the expiration date if you input the information here:



Re: Disgusted with Southwest

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First off I would remove your confirmation number from your post since this is a public forum. 


So if I understand this correctly your travel funds expire in June 2021 and you want to travel in August 2021. 


With travel funds your travel would need to be booked and flown before the expiration date so even if you entered your confirmation number on the booking page it would either show up as $0 of travel funds applied or would give you an error saying the travel funds are expired. 


After the funds expire you can Contact Customer Relations and ask they they reissue the travel funds as a LUV voucher and this would be good for 6 months and will cost $100 per travel fund you can then use this to book your August flight. *this exception is on a case by case basis and the fee is subject to change. 



Re: Disgusted with Southwest


@SZCH201 We are sincerely sorry for the frustration. As a Customer-to-Customer support forum, we are not able to look into your situation or access your reservation. Please Contact Customer Relations for assistance.



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Re: Disgusted with Southwest

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JUST FYI, I've enjoyed Southwest, even during these trying times of COVID.  Has SWA had some hiccups for me in the past, yes.  On my last trip this past weekend we were delayed going to Houston and on the way back we were delayed coming from SPI.  Both frustrating, but I just didn't let it ruin either day.