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Re: Disheartening Customer Service

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If you made your car and flight reservation through Orbitz then United changed the schedule of your flight, would you yell at United for any resulting change to your rental car price?  I sure hope not, but that's what you're doing here.



Re: Disheartening Customer Service

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@kdoesche To answer your question, NO, this is not the new standard for SWA, or for any of the other airlines that seem to be irritating their customers.  I don't like the term, "back to normal," as every year we evolve to something that changes our lives moving forward.  But when the chances of spreading COVID become an afterthought, you should see more consistency with all airlines.  We lived through no toilet paper and cleaning products, people buying up food and hoarding it, limited people in stores, and waiting in line for up to an hour, no movie theaters, eating outside in the cold, and on and on, we can get through this as well.  

Re: Disheartening Customer Service

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Thank you all for the helpful feedback. The representative I communicated with today was a much better experience than the previous representative I spoke to. Southwest reached out to me and addressed my concerns.


I have learned from this experience that a car rental through (not southwest vacations) will not be adjusted to accommodate any changes made to your flight. It was my fault to assume Southwest would assist with a easy transition to travel changes/plans they make to your flight and subsequent rental car booked through them.


That being said, Southwest has accounted for any potential incurred cost with potentially requiring alternate transportation on arrival and the associated inconvenience: which we are very thankful for. I am happy this issue has been resolved. My only wish was it had not required an open forum to speed along a response and for resolution to occur.