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Double Charge

Explorer C



I booked a reservation on Jan 12 from St Louis to Hartford. But they charged me double. I received 2 confirmation number, but didn't notice it. My journey time was Jan 14 and I noticed they charged me double on Jan 14. Both of the charges were posted in my credit card by then. I called southwest airlines helpline, the representative told me it should be considered as a duplicate booking and southwest should make a refund in my credit card. She told me I will receive a call from southwest within 5 business days. However, I didn't receive any call from them. What should be my next step I also called amex, but they told me only southwest can solve this matter, they have nothing to do in this situation. What should be my next step?



Re: Double Charge

Aviator A

You could try sending an email to southwest by clicking the contact us link at the bottom of this page and hopefully they should be able to respond and get this taken care of


you could also try calling Reservations again, and maybe the next agent could help you


honestly, after five days, I’m surprised it didn’t auto cancel without even having to call to Southwest

Re: Double Charge

Aviator A

Protest the double charge with AMEX as a duplicate charge.