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Early Bird Boarding

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We will be flying to Hawaii later this year from Las Vegas. If we purchase the Early Bird Check In and have to change planes in California, will this affect our boarding there. In other words will we still have Early Boarding in California, or will there most likely be people already on that plane to Hawaii when we arrive?

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Re: Early Bird Boarding

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The flights between oak and hnl this week all originate in oak, so you would not need to worry about the scenario you mentioned.


What will it be in the future? There's No way to tell.


You can check it yourself. Here's information about one of today's two flights. Just change the flight number on the search line to get info about a different flight.

Re: Early Bird Boarding

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As long as the flight are booked on the same reservation, you will have early bird boarding on both flights -- your first and your connecting in CA.


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