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Early Boarding refund

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My wife recently had to cancel a round-trip flight from Columbus OH to Phoenix AZ because 1.  she is in the high-risk age group for COVID-19 and 2. the resort in Phoenix is temporarily closed down.  Southwest issued a refund/voucher for the amount of the airfare, but would not refund $50 paid for Early Bird Boarding on each flight. We were told that this was because she cancelled the reservation.  This amounts to a cancellation charge, regardless of what Southwest chooses to call it.   In addition, at the time of cancellation, we found out that the routing of the flight had been changed from the original direct flight to a stopover in each direction (no notice had been sent regarding this change).  We live some 80 miles from the Columbus OH airport and chose that airport because of the availability of a direct flight.  We have always chosen to use Southwest whenever possible, but this handling of things diminishes my opinion of Southwest.



Centerville, OH



Re: Early Boarding refund

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I would reach out southwest on Twitter or Facebook and see if they can assist with a possible exception on issuing a voucher or refund for the Early Bird fees paid. 





Re: Early Boarding refund

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Southwest has announced a change in policy.


If you cancel your flight, and you have used Early Bird, Southwest will issue you a voucher in the amount of your early bird fees.


You will need to ask for it thru SW customer relations   via Twitter (@Southwestair), or phone at 1-855-234-4654