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Error message when attempting to change flight ?.

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I received an email from Southwest telling me that my flight had been changed. They offered me a link to change to another flight if what they preselected didn't work for me (which it doesn't), with the catch that to prevent a change in fair I would only have three days to change the flight. I clicked the link, went through everything and picked another flight that was available. When I get to the last page it sends me an error message and doesn't complete my flight change. I have tried for 3 days now both on the website and the app and on my phone and desktop computer. I've called costumer service twice now and have sat on hold for longer than 2 hours each time with no end in sight. Does anyone know how to 1. get ahold of someone at Southwest customer service or 2. how to get past the error message. Today is day 3 and I got fairly cheap tickets and don't want to have to pay for the difference in fair prices.





Re: Error message when attempting to change flight ?.

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@alexsunny123 Sorry you are having trouble! It's frustrating when you want to make a simple change but it doesn't go through.


I would encourage you to try two things:


  1. Reach out to customer service via the chat feature in the SW app.  Select Menu > Contact Us > Chat.  They are super helpful, and generally there is very little wait.
  2. Reach out to customer service via Twitter or FB direct message.  Again, super helpful folks, and they generally respond pretty quickly.

When you reach out, explain the issues you are having and then let them know what you are trying to change to.  They should be able to get it done easily.


I hope that helps.  For what it's worth, these options are my go-to for communicating with SW because they are so easy.  Hopefully you will find them useful also.


Happy flying!


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