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Exceptional customer service by Dillon

Explorer C

I was planning on flying to Denver in July 2020 to meet my sister and then continue on together to Tucson for wedding preparations for my daughter, obviously a very important event in all of our lives. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, my original flights from SAT > DEN > TUS were not rebooked automatically, they were cancelled. The cancellation email I received explained that I needed to call customer service to rebook and that they would cover any difference in the cost if the new flights were more expensive.  Unfortunate, but understandable under the circumstances.


I called the main number, and after an expected long delay and hold period, I was connected with Dillon. I missed where he was located, but he was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable about the entire process. He was not only able to rebook my flights to similar, but more convenient and cheaper fares, but was also able to assist in rebooking my sister so we could still be on the same flights, both going and returning. 


My highest compliments and regards to Dillon and Southwest Airlines for making what could have been a disastrous trip into a pleasant and even enjoyable experience. I will continue to fly Southwest Airlines as my primary carrier whenever I can!


(P.S., give Dillon a raise, he deserves it!) 


Re: Exceptional customer service by Dillon

Aviator A

So glad to hear Dillion’s was able to assist you with getting your flights changed due to the schedule changes that occurred. 


If you get a chance I recommend sending your thanks to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter in a DM that way they can pass on the kudos to Dillon and his supervisors for celebration.