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Expiring Credit

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Good Afternoon - 

My daughter has a travel credit that expires on 4/14/21.  She is looking to take my granddaughter to TPA on 5/17/21.  The voucher states that travel would need to be completed by the expiration.  With Covid, travel was not an option and now restrictions are starting to be lifted.  Can she apply this to her airfare or would she need to pay the $100 change fee?

Thank you 


Re: Expiring Credit

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Travel funds and vouchers are different vouchers can be used by anyone travel funds are restricted to the person who's name is on them. 


With travel funds you would need to book and complete travel by the expiration date for the funds to be valid. If the funds can't be used you can Contact Customer Relations after the funds expire to ask for an extension in the form of a LUV voucher. This voucher will be good for 6 months however there is a fee of $100 per travel fund this is on a case by case basis and the fee is subject to change at anytime.