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Extension of LUV voucher

New Arrival

Has anyone had any luck with getting an extension on the expiration of their LUV vouchers? I have travel "hopes" 4 months after it expires...(which I didn't realize it had an expiration date until I went to go use them).  Figured I would ask her first.  Thank you!


Re: Extension of LUV voucher

Top Contributor

Are you talking about travel funds? That's what you'd have if you'd canceled or change an existing flight. This is held under the confirmation number of the original flight. If so, those can be reissued as a voucher after expiration, on a case-by-case basis, for a fee of $100 which is deducted from the balance.


If you're talking about a voucher, generally vouchers are not extended. But it depends on where the voucher came from. You should reach out to Customer Relations ( not the regular reservation number) to see if they're able to help. I recommend contacting them via Twitter for the quickest response. Good luck!