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Failure to cancel

Explorer C

Hello I have been flying with SW for more than 25 years both personal and business and I recently experience an injury and could not fly.  I was not familiar with the cancellation process in its entirety and did not cancel in time.  I admitted to the Customer Relations department that I was not familiar with the cancellation process and would they please allow me to use my unused funds for a future flight.  I was told NO I could not use the funds and that $278.00 would be kept by SW. I was stunned I would be treated this way by an airline that I have flown with for so long.  There records will indicate I am not a chronic canceller of flights thus the reason I was not familiar with the entire process.


I have no idea how to appeal this mistreatment it is so unfair that the one time I do not follow their policies they would treat me this way.  This whole situation does not help me to heal its just more frustration.  I will continue to search for an Executive that can help me.  


Re: Failure to cancel

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your injury.


Southwest is simply enforcing it's published 'missed flight" policy.


If you want to appeal to an executive, you could go to a hgher up in customer relations or the the CEO


Gary Kelly


Southwest Airlines

P.O. Box 36647 
Dallas, Texas 75235


Re: Failure to cancel

Aviator A

Southwest's policy is that you must cancel in order to preserve your funds, and they give you up until 10 minutes prior to departure to do so. This policy is stated when you book your flight, and shown prominently on each confirmation email you receive. 


If your injury happened on the way to the airport, or perhaps on the day of travel, Customer Relations might consider making a special exception, but those are rare. With the generous nature of the policy compared to other carriers, it's understandable that Southwest enforces it. Unfortunately, ignorance of the policy isn't a valid justification for an exception -- especially for a loyal customer (who presumably should be aware of the basic policy). 


That said, it is still worth escalation, as you have nothing to lose. Good luck.