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Fare dropped

Explorer C

I booked a flight for my family yesterday .  Today the flights dropped $10.00 Each way per person for a total of $100.00.  Is there anything we can do?  These were just booked yesterday..


Re: Fare dropped

Frequent Flyer C

Cancel and rebook.

Re: Fare dropped

Aviator A



**First off for your reservations security please edit your post to remove your confirmation number. **


Now with the price that went down if you booked less than 24 hours a go you can cancel and rebook at the cheaper price and you would have that difference in fare on your credit card instead of a travel fund. If you booked more than 24 hours a go you can use the "change flight" option and select your flight it will show you the credit you are due once you click book flight the credit will be held for future use for the passengers on the reservation. In your case each passenger will have the $10 each way ($20 total) non transferable. 



Re: Fare dropped

Explorer C

Hello! Just cansel and rebook the flight

Re: Fare dropped

Aviator A

@sassycassie72 You can find out how to rebook to grab the lower fare here: How to Rebook a Southwest Flight When the Fare Decreases 


Good luck, and congrats on taking advantage of one of the best perks of Southwest!


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Fare dropped

Aviator C

And someday SWA may just decide to contact you and tell you.....Hey, Great news, your flight just posted a lower fare, here is how you can secure this new price.  I'm just hoping

Re: Fare dropped

Aviator A

If you didn't cancel and rebook the flights within the 24 hour period of booking them, you can simply go on the Southwest web site or app and change the flights, and the difference in price will be a travel credit that you can use in the future (until 2022).