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Fares still high...LUV should slash prices!!

Explorer C

With Oil prices so low, Southwest should have a special deal $49 to all destinations starting Jul 1 to spur bookings and encourage people to travel.


Marketing team must come with creative ideas to come up with new deals to get cash from travelers now as some have received the stimulus money that they can use for future booking and improve southwest cash flows.


Re: Fares still high...LUV should slash prices!!

Aviator A

Dropping fares now would do nothing more than help the arline run out of cash faster.


Why? No one except people that have to travel are traveling. The virus has made lots of people afraid to fly. Want proof? Just search here for threads from people who say just that.


Dropping fares now would not stimulate demand. We know this because SW had bottom of the barrel prices for the last part of March and the first week of April. What did those prices

produce? Y Nothing, as planes are going out empty or near empty. You did have your chance to buy tickets then.


If you snooze, you lose.





Re: Fares still high...LUV should slash prices!!

Aviator A

Fares go up and fares go down for many reasons other than just oil prices. Buy now while fares seem to be reasonable and rebook if the price goes down later. There was a window a couple of weeks ago with some super low fares for routes I was eyeing, even scheduling in October. I was able to get DEN-IAD nonstop for $102 round trip.  Great deals may come back as the situation evolves.



Re: Fares still high...LUV should slash prices!!

Frequent Flyer C

I don't think lowering prices will actually spur demand, as the reduction in air travel is due more to medical and health concerns (real or not) as opposed to price sensitivity.


In other words, even if SWA reduced airfares to zero dollars, it would not significantly impact the number of travelers.


This article here has some interesting insight as to the plight of SWA overall.