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Firing pilots!

New Arrival

I will never fly with Southwest again and neither will my 45 dancers and their parents. I will never support a company that MAKES THEIR PILOTS GET VACCINATED OR BE FIRED!


Re: Firing pilots!

Top Contributor

It appears you do not know what the heck you are talking about...

Re: Firing pilots!

Rising Star

Literally no airline is doing this. 



Re: Firing pilots!

Top Contributor

That's not Southwest, that's United.


United Airlines says its U.S. employees must get vaccinated — or risk being fired


Frontier and Hawaiian will also require all employees to be vaccinated, but stop short of saying (for now) that those who choose not to will be fired.

Re: Firing pilots!

Active Member

Hmmm guess you spoke too soon. I'll start traveling again once all this forced mandating ends. The only person the vaccine helps is me, cause anyone can get the covid flu ANYONE!!!! 

Re: Firing pilots!

New Arrival

I don't know who you'll be flying then, considering all the major airlines are federally mandated to be vaccinated.