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Flight Change

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I'm trying to change my flight from April 16th  to when I might be able to fly sometime in June, hopefully ,CA is on a stay at home order and I cannot fly.  In trying to change my flight, the website only gives me options in April which does not help at all.  I want to also save the $50 I paid for the early bird and if I have to cancel due to Southwest not offering me an option in June they say they cannot refund the early bird fee.

I do not want to cancel the  flight  I want to reschedule with  the  whole amount I paid for the ticket. BUT  if Southwest will not offer me a flight in June then the whole $350 should be put in the travel funds for future travel. 

Southwest is forcing me to cancel this flight because they are not offering me any other travel dates but April.  This is totally ridiculous and a scam


Re: Flight Change

Aviator A

You can do exactly what you are wanting to do. Select the change flight option and choose a date in June. You will be prompted that the June date is outside the free change window, say ok, then select the flight you want. You'll then also see if there is a price increase or decrease from the April flight you originally booked. This allows you to keep EarlyBird Check-In as you desire. 


To give you an example, I had a DEN-LAX flight scheduled for March 19. I had EarlyBird on the reservation. As I no longer had a desire to go to LAX I changed the flight to a completely different destination in October, received the price difference as a travel fund, and kept my EarlyBird.


It sounds like the warning about trying to change outside of the free change window is confusing you. Just ignore that and move on. 




Re: Flight Change

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That warning does sound confusing. Hope this advice helped - reach back out here if we can help out in any other way. Stay safe!

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Re: Flight Change

Aviator A

I bet you are trying to pick  a date later than June 16. The airline only lets you change to another date 60 days or less in the future.


So what can you do? Well it's the Texas two step.


Change to another date in May. Then change again to the date in June that you really want to fly.