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Flight booked on Travel Funds Question

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So we booked a flight at the end of January using Travel Funds expiring 1/28 for a 1/27 flight.


A few days later in the app the red banner appeared saying we could change our flight up to 14 days into the future. So we made the change to February 10th, the change went through and we got to the confirmation page.


However, no email confirmation of the change was sent.


A few days into February and the flight isn’t showing up in our itinerary anymore. I check the schedule and the booked flight is still there. No cancellation email received, nothing. So I use the Look Up Reservations feature which says “this reservation has been cancelled”.


So we suck it up and take the loss.


I just want to get the community’s thoughts on this, since we did get to the confirmation page, no cancellation or change email was sent notifying us that it had been cancelled. On top of that the flight booked was still fully available.




Re: Flight booked on Travel Funds Question

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This sounds like a poor technological response to an issue you were aware of. 


While I would like to have seen the "system" communicate what is actually able to happen or not happen, it looks like it failed to interpret the situation. Bottom line is that you do indeed have to travel by the expiration date of the funds.


That said, depending on the reasoning for the offer by the app for you to make adjustments, you might contact SW directly to see what can be done. This is definitely a unique situation.


I find it the most helpful to DM Southwest on FB or Twitter. Be sure to explain the situation in detail along with what your ask is.


Good luck!


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Re: Flight booked on Travel Funds Question

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The reasoning was just the to other from areas were allowing changes for everyone due to COVID along with Travel Restrictions.


Basically what I’m hearing from your response is -


Even though SW told us we could make a change, and that change was processed, it’s our fault. Which makes no sense because they allowed the change. Not only that but no communication happened. It’d be a completely different story if they had emailed us and said there was an error and we’d been rebooked on our original flight.

Re: Flight booked on Travel Funds Question

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You should contact Customer Relations. If there was a waiver in place that allowed you to change your flight to a time that was post-expiration of the original funds, that is a valid change. Did you happen to save a screenshot of the confirmation page? If so that would help you explain the situation. I'm not sure what they'll be able to do now... but they may offer some small accommodation, if they're able to fully understand what happened.. Good luck.


Contact Customer Relations