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Flight cancelled but refund was small

New Arrival

So we were returning from Cancun to Detroit with a layover in Ft. Lauderdale earlier this month. The flight from Cancun to Florida went fine. But then some storms hit and the flight was delayed a few hours. We boarded but after a couple of hours we were asked to deplane. Then we were told the flight was cancelled because they couldn't find a pilot. I checked my e-mail notifications and it said they could put us on a flight 4 days later. This wasn't acceptable so everybody headed over to the Spirit counter. We let them know we weren't interested in that flight and would like a refund. So I see on my credit card statement a refund of $44.17. That doesn't seem like much for 3 tickets. Could it be because I didn't reply to the e-mail and cancel the rescheduled flight through that method? I thought my conversation at the booking counter was enough.


Re: Flight cancelled but refund was small

Rising Star

The Spirit counter? This is a forum for Southwest. 


That aside, if you were expecting a refund from your cancelled connecting flight in Florida, how did you get home to Detroit? I assume you still had to take some flight to get to your final destination, so I am not entirely sure why you would get a refund, as you still flew, just not on your originally scheduled connecting flight. 


Even if you had cancelled the flight (again, not sure how you would have done that if this was a connecting flight unless you booked it as a separate one way ticket) you would have gotten travel funds, not a refund. 



Re: Flight cancelled but refund was small

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@Dan1958 I'm guessing that the refund is based upon the difference in fares between flying to Fort Lauderdale and flying to Detroit. Ticket prices don't always make sense.