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Flight cancelled en route

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On landing in St. Louis at about 9:30 pm on Thursday, July 1, I saw a text from Southwest cancelling the second leg of my flight to Kansas City and rebooking it for Saturday, July 3, at noon—38 hours away. At that time of night, the only thing I could do was to book a hotel room, find transportation, and expect to spend the next two nights stranded in St. Louis. Fortunately I knew the city fairly well and found a reasonably priced hotel. But my choice was either to rent a car and return to Kansas City the next day or remain in St. Louis until the rebooked Southwest flight left on Saturday. I opted to rent a car for $400. If I'd stayed two nights, the hotel costs and other expenses would have amounted to that and more. What can I reasonably expect Southwest to refund me, and in what way?


Re: Flight cancelled en route

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Your ticket can be refunded but you will have to ask for it.


If your flight was cancelled due to weather, I would not expect a whole lot more. If it was canceled due to something SW did, or did not do, you are probably due a voucher good for future travel.


One way or another,contact SW customer relations to complain abut the shabby treatment you received, and you will likely get a voucher. Customer relations is open Monday thru Friday- normal business hours,

Re: Flight cancelled en route

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I would keep checking to see if a flight for tomorrow open up as people cancel and miss connections all the time and you could get out tomorrow and save 1 day of a rental car and 1 extra hotel night. After you complete travel reach out to customer relations as suggested already.