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Flight change

Explorer C

I have been flying frequently to medical appointments and treatment for cancer at MDAnderson.  I just found out that I could return home a little sooner than originally planned following recent surgery 

Is there anyway Southwest would change my flight home on Dec 21 to a flight on Dec 19 th without an up charge? 



Re: Flight change

Aviator A

Sorry, but I don't think that any airline lets you change date of travel without going to whatever fare is in effect on the new date of travel.


At least Southwest lets you move all of your funds to pay for the new flight, while the competition might charge you not only the new fare, but $200 to change to it.


Keep checking. Fares change all the time. You might find a lower price for the new date at some time in the future.


Good luck.

Re: Flight change

Aviator A

The short answer is yes, possibly.  


Southwest does not charge change fees, but you are subject to fare differences.  You can find out more about flight changes with Southwest here.


Since you want to move from what I assume is a heavy Christmas travel day (12/21) to one that is a little early, it is possible that you could actually get money back either as a refund or in the form of "travel funds" you can use in the future, depending on what type of fare you purchased.  But it is also possible that the flight you want to change to costs more.  While you won't pay a fee, you would have to pay the difference in fare.  


I would check very soon as the cheapest fares often become unavailable the closer you get to day of travel.


You might find this guide helpful in getting more detail and if you decide to change the flight.  Also, best wishes for your cancer treatment.

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Flight change

Aviator A

Have you looked at flight prices for Dec 19? Southwest does not charge you for changing your flight, and it's very possible that you might find a flight on Dec 19 that is cheaper than the one you currently have booked. When this happens, you can rebook *at no cost* and the difference in price is given back to you in the form of travel credit that you can use on a future flight (up to 1 year from the date you first booked the flight). If the price increases, you only pay the difference.


Let us know what you find!



Re: Flight change

Adventurer A

You also might try reaching out to Customer Relations on Twitter (@Southwestair). While it's not a gaurantee, Customer Relations is also known as the "exception department," which means they evaluate Customer concerns/requests/needs on a case-by-case basis. And sometimes, particularly in the case of medical situations, a change can be facilitated without requiring a difference in fare to be paid. 


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Re: Flight change

Frequent Flyer A

Wings crossed that you can get a new ticket without paying any extra! Feel better! 

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