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Flight changed and not notified

Explorer C



we are on an anniversary trip and I went to check in for my flight and was surprised that our itinerary had been changed to a later departure time.  I scoured my email but hadn’t gotten an email regarding it.  The new time will not work as we have to drive from Nashville back to Knoxville and have to be there earlier than the new time will allow.  I tried to change it but they were going to charge us 169 per person.  I thought we’d be able to change our flight with no issue.  Tried to call and see what was going on but it’s 1 hour wait time and we have a dinner reservation.


id like to see this resolved so we can get home appropriately and not have it effect our dinner this evening


thank you


Re: Flight changed and not notified

Aviator A

You'll need to speak with Southwest to see if you can make the change. When your flight is changed you do receive notification and have 72 hours to make a free adjustment. Why you didn't receive an email is unknown, my guess is it went to spam back whenever it was sent to you. It's up to Southwest if they will allow you to make a free change after the 72 time period.



Re: Flight changed and not notified

Aviator A

Normally when changes occur to your flight(s) Southwest sends you an e-mail acknowledging the change and gives you an option to book a different flight free of charge if you do not like the changes; however, the free change must be done shortly after the e-mail is received (72 hours, but I have heard in some cases it may be a bit longer than that). 


In my experience, Southwest has e-mailed me almost all the time, but there has been a time or two when they did not and I had to contact them explaining what happened and any change(s) I wanted to make.