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Flight changed without notice and no assistance provided!

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My flight was booked in May for July and I got a notice that they changed my flight to an earlier time. This is quite a problem bc I am flying home to work at a hospital (no respect for essential jobs and lack of flexibility) and I have 2 small children (one of which has seizures). I do not have child care for the night that I had planned on being back and no ride to get from another airport that is 2 hours away. I’m so annoyed and don’t see how I am being punished for their lack to think ahead and plan for the 2/3 capacity for flights. I have not been helped by customer service and they told me to “email customer relations” which is no where to be found. This is ridiculous! My husband is an A lister and we fly all the time on southwest and expect much better service than this crap! 


Re: Flight changed without notice and no assistance provided!

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If the airline rebooked you, you are entitled to tell the airline that you don't want the new flight. You can change it to any flight on the same routing (same departure and arrival cities) up to two weeks before or after your scheduled date of travel that has available seats..


You are also entitled to a refund if you want one.


If you were rebooked as a result of the "we won't sell middle seats rule" then you bought your ticket before the rule was implemented as the airline didn't know there would be such a rule. The airline had to do it to somebody. I'm sorry it was you.


Nowthe airline simply stops selling tickets when it hits the 2/3 threshold for any flight.

Re: Flight changed without notice and no assistance provided!

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Also, since this is a peer-to-peer community, be sure to share your thoughts and feedback with the airline via their social media, or the contact us button below. They can pass this feedback to the appropriate team.


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