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Flight from España canceled

New Arrival
Good afternoon, I am Spanish and I bought 2 tickets
to travel from San Diego to Las Vegas and by Covid19
all flights and hotels have been canceled,
in Spain I have been out of work and I need to be
reimbursed for tickets to face to expenses,
is it possible please ???

Thank you

Re: Flight from España canceled

Top Contributor

As of now airlines aren't issuing refunds for flights cancelled by the customer if they bought a non refundable ticket. If the airline cancels your flight you are then eligible for a full refund. 


You can always reach out to Southwest directly though one of the following contact methods to see if any exceptions can be made: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint 




Re: Flight from España canceled

Top Contributor

Since you are in Spain, I presume that you do not want to incur excessive phone charges in this matter.


So I think your best bet is Twitter. You can contact Southwest Airlines Customer Relations Department via Twitter (@Southwestair) - do not enter personal information in your initial inquiry - wait til you enter DM mode.


Good luck.