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Forgot to use travel funds....

New Arrival

I have always "LUVED" Southwest Airlines (like the time in 1998 when I was injured in a cable car accident in San Francisco, the  ticket agent took me to the ladies room and helped me with my pants) and then they held the plane for me to board.

But today was another incidence of absolutely AWESOME Customer Service!!  I had some travel funds I needed to use before mid April.  So I was booking 3 different one way flights for an upcoming trip.  I didn't understand how to use those funds so I charged the flights to my credit card.  When I realized what I had done, I called Customer Service.  I got MIKE

EMPLOYEE#88260.  He helped me!! We were on the phone for 45 minutes, but he kept returning to me telling me he was working on it.  He had to cancel all 3 reservations and re-book them.  Then he applied my travel funds and I ended up owing $26.46.  No other airline would EVEN consider helping me with such a request.  I LUV SOUTHWEST!!


Re: Forgot to use travel funds....

Top Contributor

So glad to hear Mike was able to assist you with using the travel funds so you didn't lose them. 


If you get a chance I recommend sending this to Southwest on Twitter or Facebook with your confirmation number in a DM so they can pass on the kudos to Mike and his supervisors. 


Happy travels!


Re: Forgot to use travel funds....

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Great to hear!!! I am glad Southwest was able to assist you in using your travel funds!



Re: Forgot to use travel funds....

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That's awesome that they were able to help you use your travel funds!


One note for future reference: All airlines allow you to cancel any booking within 24 hours. If you remember immediately that you're forgotten to apply funds, you can always just cancel the reservations and then rebook them yourself, applying the funds at that time.