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Frustrating Customer Service Experience

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Greetings to the Southwest Airlines Team,


This is the letter I wrote a month ago--


I have called the customer relationship this morning to express my concern-

Confirmation code: - we have booked 8 tickets in this confirmation number and have recently canceled as 5 of the passengers have travel-ban and are in India. Two among them had covid and are recovering. As you see the situation in India is getting worse and most of the population has covid 2nd variant. 5 of the passengers - have been banned from travel due to COVID restrictions set by the US federal government. They cannot commute and are quarantining at home due to lockdown and curfew being followed in India. The US has imposed a ban over all the passengers except the US Citizens with many medical tests qualifying to travel. 


Our family has been enjoying travels with the Southwest family for many years and had great experiences. We did cancel tickets many times and lost money to the Southwest/canceled with partial funding and booked different flights with southwest later. This is the first time I am requesting a refund for 5 of the passengers or to credit the same amount to the southwest rapid rewards account.


The customer relationships team has understood the situation and has asked me to attach the proof of passengers that they are not in the US to initiate my refund. Southwest airlines already have the passport copies of all 5 passengers, and I am attaching the i-94(legal immigration pictures of all 5 passengers and you can verify the same with the US immigration/ federal team). Please find in it the last entry details and admit until date (2 of the passengers among 5 have zero travel history to the US). 


I highly appreciate your consideration and kindness in this regard.


Thanks, and Regards,

Sujana .



Present ::: I was asked to send the documents and none replies back. I am opening so many cases with no response. There is no point in waiting on calls for more than two hours daily. I would suggest southwest take off their customer service call center as I see no point in having that. Mails are a lifetime wait. I REQUEST THE AIRLINE TEAM TO CALL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO RESOLVE ON THIS.


Re: Frustrating Customer Service Experience

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This is a customer to customer forum so you will not get a response from Southwest here.  You should remove your name and confirmation number from your post immediately since they could be used by someone else.  Refunds on non-refundable tickets are highly unlikely to occur, that's where travel insurance or refundable tickets are useful.



Re: Frustrating Customer Service Experience

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You should  be discussing this with customer relations and not customer service. They are diffident.


Also since this is  customer forum, it is unlikely that the airline will respond to your post here.

Re: Frustrating Customer Service Experience

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@SUJANACHAMARTY This is not the SWA Team.  This forum is customers just like you.  Please know that some employees are on here, but even they can only give you the same advice as we can.  If you take the time in the future to do a bit more research you would know this, and you would be closer to a possible resolution other than waiting to find out we have no power in this forum to do that anyway.  Hope things work out for you.

Re: Frustrating Customer Service Experience

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How do I delete the post? I see no delete option.