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Giving Refund Not Flight

Explorer C

I am in the same boat as the majority of the people in this discussion. I was supposed to leave on January 26 at 6 am and my flight was canceled 30 minutes before departure while I was in line at the airport trying to get checked in. Then got another flight booked through the airport for another airport two hours away got there and that flight was then canceled as well. I booked another flight through the new airport for Wednesday which is now canceled as well. The southwest staff told everyone at the airport in Charlotte to go home cancel and book themselves because they could not do it there but I knew from the first airport I was at that they could. People went home and could not even reach the website or call because the line is down. I was on the phone waiting for 4 hours nothing and I see some people were on hold for 10+ hours. I have a job that I am now missing out on which I need to pay bills and my dog is alone since the sitter dropped him off Monday and went on vacation. I now have to drive over 14 hours to get myself home and spend more money that I do not have since they are turned into flight credits. I want all my light credits refunded to me as soon as possible this is ridiculous southwest. I know some things are out of your control but there's also a lot that is in your control like refunding our money and not giving us flight credits. 


Re: Giving Refund Not Flight

Aviator A

It is SW policy to refund to the original form of payment - at customer request - in the event the airline cancels a flight.


To obtain your refund, click on contact us, below.

Re: Giving Refund Not Flight

Frequent Flyer A

Wow this sounds extremely frustrating please have your documents handy and refer to the Alpha/Numeric Confirmation #'s  AND the Flight #'s you were issued in your communications then hit Contact Us.

Curious what airport SWA flys out of where you check-in 30 minutes before the flight? I ask because SWA starts boarding flights 30 minutes before take off.