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Gonna lose my job cuz of southwest

Explorer C

So not only did my fight get canceled when I'm 2 states away from home.  But there's no flights out from Sacramento to Phoenix AZ till this weekend.  I'm stuck in California and I was possed to work on Wednesday.  So now I'll probably lose my job.  And I could only pay the dog sitter till today.  So the dog is alone at my home,  my job is gonna fire me and south west won't help with anything! I was told,  "sorry, all flights were canceled" no matter what question I asked, like this lady was a dang robot! I'm freaking out, crying my eyes out, and stressed the eff out! They could have at least tried to find me a new fight or something.  Literally anything! But did nothing!


Re: Gonna lose my job cuz of southwest

Aviator A

Sorry to hear this is happening to you.


Unfortunately, if there are no seats available on any planes, then there is not much any Southwest employee can do to help. I'm sure the employee would have much preferred to put you in a seat, but if no seats are available there's not much she could do.


People cancel/change flights all the time. That means seats become available. My suggestion is to open as if you are booking a Sacramento/Phoenix flight for January. Then open the low fare calendar for December. Most days will show :unavailable," that will change to a $ amount for a newly available seat. Keep the page open and hit refresh occasionally to see if anything new opens up. If it does change you flight to the one that is newly available.

Cost to you is $0 - regardless of the price shown.


Move fast as lots of others will be doing what you are going.


It really is a mess out there. As of a few minutes ago there was no way to get from Ontario, LAX, San Jose, San Francisco, or Oakland to Phoenix before Saturday.


I guess getting on another airline or renting a car won't work?


Hope things work out for you and your pup.

Re: Gonna lose my job cuz of southwest

Explorer C

I understand there was no other flights but they could have refunded me so I could make other arrangements. I don't have money to just throw around and pay for another way to get home. 


I looked into amtrak,  they have nothing till Saturday and it's $400 one way

Greyhound first avail is Thursday for $200

Rental car for one way is almost $400 and nothing avail till Thursday 

And there's no other flights till this weekend now.  There was some sooner but since I don't have the money from this flight,  I couldn't afford to buy a new ticket. And those have now sold out.  


Believe me I've been up all night trying to figure out what my options are. But this stress shouldn't have been left on me to figure out.  And instead of just repeating the same sentence over and over again,  the operator could have offered a refund or something. But i was offered nothing. Just attitude and no answers. 

Re: Gonna lose my job cuz of southwest

Explorer C

I am in the same boat as you. I am scared about my job and my bills and especially my dog who is all alone.