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Group Desk Hold Times

Explorer C

So today 9/16/21 Q1 2022 dates have opened for booking.  Currently I've been on hold for over 3 hours and still waiting.  It's always this way every time new dates open.  It's absolutely ludicrous that SWA can't plan for this any better or come up with another way of handling group bookings.  


Re: Group Desk Hold Times

Aviator A

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Perhaps call back tomorrow?  I've never understood the desire to book day one of the new schedule.  It's extremely rare that flights sell out on day one and often prices do down later on.  But do whatever you want.



Re: Group Desk Hold Times

Aviator A

Hold times will be long at the group desk for the next few days. Southwest groups only has so many customer service agents I'm sure all hands are on deck. 


The bigger thing this time around is the schedule opened up for almost 4 months instead of a month or 2 so call volumes will be very high. 


Why is it always this way because really its no different than tickets to the great concert being released its like a rat race to get the tickets before the concert sells out some just want to book as soon as they can.