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Group Reservation of 40 passengers

Explorer C

Happy Labor Day weekend! I booked a group reservation for 40 people a couple of months ago. I just met with the group today to discuss their trip as they are doing a tour up to Boston. My 40 people were booked under the same confirmation number. I will be doing the group check-in at 24 hours before departure. I have informed the group that they would not be able to purchase Early Bird Check-in and would not get an A boarding group with a group this size. Just setting the expectations. I did get a few questions if you could help me with. 

1. One passenger asked if he could add his reservation on his SWA mobile app and then add his Rapid Reward number to his reservation. 

2. They were also wondering if they could enter their Known Passenger number on their reservation on the app. 

3. They were also asking about boarding passes and if they could be loaded on their phones on the app after I check-in the group. 

Any advices would be wonderful! Thanks!


Re: Group Reservation of 40 passengers

Aviator A

I believe I've read in the past that all those things are possible, but it requires giving out the confirmation number which in theory allows any of the passengers to make changes to the reservation. Things may have changed so for official suggestions you're better off asking Southwest, specifically the group travel department, as I'm sure they have been asked these questions before.




Re: Group Reservation of 40 passengers

Aviator A

Yes the passengers can add the rapid rewards number to the reservation if they don’t have A List they can do it at the counter when checking in or after travel is complete they can request past flight credit and all they need is the flight confirmation number. If you want to add the number ahead of time you can call the groups department and in my experience they have been able to add it some agents will tell you add it later though 


keep in mind each person can only claim points from their flight no 1 person gets all the points 


for check in with a group reservation you will need to don it on the full website (from a computer) the app won’t let you check in a group reservation yet (unless this feature changed in the last few months) 


with the KTN (for pre check) that can be added at check in as well or by calling group reservations 


one thing to keep in mind ONLY the group admin (name(s) listed as the person of contact) will be able to get help from the groups department so it won’t do any good to have each member call the group department individually