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Hawaii may 2022

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Hello, is southwest not flying in Or out of HNL end of april begining of May? I saw 2022 theough june flights were released but HNL is not there. We will be traveling from PGH.



Re: Hawaii may 2022

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The issue is the routing. You would need to get to a city with service to Hawaii and getting to one of those from Pittsburgh early enough in the day to then catch the flight to Hawaii is unlikely. You would need to fly to a connection city, stay overnight, then fly to Hawaii the next day. Southwest's reservation system does not allow for a overnight layovers. 



Re: Hawaii may 2022

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To add to what themiddleseat said..


You may be running afoul of a Southwest rule: it does not allow connecting flights that require more than 1 plane change.  


So if you can find a flight to a Southwest gateway to HNL, and then one from that city to HNL (allowing plenty of time for the connection), then you could book the trip as a continuing flight (essentially two different flights) that would allow you to get from PGH to HNL.