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Hawaiii Inter-island Travel passport

Explorer C

I recently moved from Dallas to Lihue Hawaii and have to travel to the neighboring Islands often for work.  Another local airline on island offers what is called a neighboring island passport program which is a program you can buy a bulk amount of flights due to business travel from island to island for a set price.  Does SWA have any plans to compete with the other airlines in a similar way?  I would LUV to continue using SWA now that I'm living on island yet so far away from HQ Dallas. 


Re: Hawaiii Inter-island Travel passport

Aviator A

I think similar passes have been done in California on Southwest, but it was more of a rare promotion and not part of Southwest's regular business model. With Southwest's lack of change fees you can buy flights in bulk at $39 each way and cancel or change later if needed. I'm curious what the bulk "discount" on the other airlines is.

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Re: Hawaiii Inter-island Travel passport

Explorer A

The recent promos have actually made it easier and cheaper to commute via air vs the competitor's prices.