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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Rising Star

@marcustowens79 wrote:

I booked an airfare for two, hotel, and a rental car package deal with Southwest Airlines to Texas for the dates of 11/24/2022- 11/26/2022 which I choose the option to pay with a payment plan option Southwest Airlines provided through Uplift as a third party company at the time of purchase. On 11/24/2022, upon arriving at Motel 6 my 14 y/o daughter and I chose to stay at another hotel due to the poor sanitary/living conditions of the motel booked. Although disappointed by the roo, I was able to get a refund receipt from the hotel manager immediately. However, after multiple unsuccessful attempts of calling Southwest Airlines, I have not been able to get anyone from Southwest Airlines to even return my call or respond via email. I have been told multiple times by Uplift, the third party payment plan company, that Southwest Airlines needs to refund the funds from there end. In the mean time, after almost 6 months and repeated attempts to get someone on the phone/email, o one has returned my calls and nothing has been done to rectify this issue. Now my card is at risk of being charged for things I never used. Unhappy Customer

I'm confused on a multitude of levels.


First - did this trip happen in the future? You say you mention November 2022 multiple times - I just checked my calendar, and we are in April 2022. I assume you meant November 2021.


Second - you got a refund "receipt" for the room because you didn't end up staying there. OK. 


Third - considering this happened *6 months ago now* you should have been charged ... 6 months ago. You used your airfare and rental car and should have gotten refunded only for your hotel portion by now. However, considering you did not stay at the hotel, I don't know how they would have communicated that back to Southwest Vacations. 


Fourth - my dude it's a Motel 6. They aren't that bad - I have stayed at a Motel 6 twice in LA because it was a cheaper hotel close to the Walk of Fame and the Greek Theatre lol but honestly I don't understand the argument that it had "poor sanitary/living conditions." It's a freaking Motel 6. Were you expecting a 5 star experience? If such a hotel is beneath you, you never should have booked it to begin with. I say cut your losses and move on. Motel 6 rates are not expensive, anyway, and if it's been 6 months and you still haven't been refunded your money which I am willing to bet is less than $99/night I doubt you ever will.