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How to Protect Flight from Angry Ex?

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So my significant other and our three kids have a Christmas vacation planned, her ex  got into her email and found the confirmation number. He hasn't done anything with it, but it seems easy enough to go to Southwest and log in and cancel the flight or change it or whatever other damage he can do. Is there any way to protect my reservation so only I can change or cancel the flight somehow?


Re: How to Protect Flight from Angry Ex?

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Yes, very easy with that information to screw things up for you. First, I would want to change the confirmation number. Easiest way to do that would be to cancel the reservation you have now and use the travel funds to immediately rebook the flight. Unfortunately, if the price has gone up since you originally booked you will be on the hook for the price increase. Next you need to hide the rebooking. When you rebook, the passenger names will have to be the same, but make the reservation while you are logged into your account and do not put your significant others email address or Rapid Rewards account number on the reservation so the emails go to you and there's no notice sent to her. You can request the RR points be added to the accounts after the trip is completed. That should leave everything pretty undercover for everyone.

Sadly, I've had to think about these same things. Good luck. 




Re: How to Protect Flight from Angry Ex?

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Another idea is you could reach out to Southwest on Twitter or give reservations a call 800-435-9792 and see if they have a way to issue a new confirmation number for the booking and see if they can email you the confirmation email. I know you can split people off reservations and this would give the split off people new confirmation number(s) this way you don't lose the price you paid because if you rebook you may be paying a higher price for the flight which is why I would reach out on Twitter to see if they can help. 


One other note southwest is updating schedules in December right now so you may get an email with a new flight so don't panic if you get a email in the next day or 2 with the subject line "changes to your upcoming southwest trip" I know in your situation it could cause a scare so just want you to be aware just in case.