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How to Split my reservation ?

Explorer C

Hi All, 


Can anyone help me with splitting the reservation. 


I have a 4 people reservation with 2 kids who are minor. My flight on 28th is cancelled as per the text i received. I am trying to rebook on or before 31st Dec but  unable to find 4 tickets together. I have missed so many opportunities today to rebook a flight on 31st Dec since it was only showing either 1 ticket or 2 ticket or 3 tickets. 


If the site had given me a choice to book a flight by splitting people on 2 different flights on same day that would have been great. 


Has anyone did that before ? Since i am unable reach out support on phones wondering if anyone can help me here. 


Its quite frustrating with these limitation while the home page is updated it as System Wide Waiver - with these limitations not sure what they meant System Wide Waiver!! 


Just another bad day for me with no success in rebooking yet. 


Re: How to Split my reservation ?

Aviator A

Regrettably, I think you have to call the airline to do this.


The good news, is I have been told that people calling international numbers  are getting thru pretty quickly and they are all 800 series numbers so no additional cost

Re: How to Split my reservation ?

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Let the community know howt hat goes!

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Re: How to Split my reservation ?

Explorer C

yes i was on long wait by calling this number 800-435-9792 while i posted this question. 

after 3 hrs of long wait someone answered the call and she was able to quickly split the reservation.

But now i think its too late. All my options on 31st Dec were gone. 


For now, the support was only able to help me split the reservation and was asking if i wanted  rebook a flight for 2nds or 3rd Jan which i can easily book myself. 


Crossing my fingers if i can atleast get 2 tickets on or before 31st. 


Thanks for your replies and help. 

Re: How to Split my reservation ?

Explorer C

Oh one more things. 


Support confirmed me that if i book a ticket now and if i find any earliest flight available later on,  I can still be able to book that earliest flight later. 


Howver on Mobile app it still says "One Time opportunity to change flights"


I think i will go with what Support told me on phone than the app . 


Wish me luck!

Re: How to Split my reservation ?

Aviator A

The one time change is always there but if the red bar is there you can change more than one time even though it says one time 


now with getting seats just keep refreshing. I spent 30min refreshing and got seats I wanted I know it’s a lot of work but if that’s what it takes to get moving then I’d do it